Hello from me!

I am starting a blog as an entirely self taught home sewer (and with a basic level of knowledge at that!) with a goal of showing you that anyone can sew their own clothes if they have the desire to do it.

I live in Brixton, South West London and am a Chartered Surveyor by trade. I spend my weeks sat in an office analysing property, but at the weekends I sew as a way of occupying my time when others would probably just be watching tv!

I use sewing as a form of relaxation – hours can drift by while I am learning this new skill – it exercises a completely different part of my brain to that which I use while at work, which is what I love about it.

I cannot pretend to be a perfectionist. I would describe my learning style as more ‘lazy mathematician’ – I’m not going to spend hours making something look wonderful and unpicking and going over it hundreds of times – mostly it is only me who realises the mistakes – everyone else thinks it looks great.

I am passionate about making people understand the value in clothing and to reduce their waste. I am disgusted and sickened by people thinking that an item of clothing is ‘old’ after two weeks of wear, and I am equally shocked and cannot understand how shops can sell clothing for such a cheap price. Making your own clothes really teaches you how much time and effort goes into making something, and how you should not discard things so quickly.

Finally, I have a general rule of life that I follow: each of us should have three passions and enjoyments to ensure we have a balanced life – a work hobby (mine is property); an exercise hobby (mine is running); and a creative hobby (mine is sewing!).

I’m no expert at blogging either, but I am hoping that my blog will teach some other people how easy it is to learn a new skill and create your own unique clothing at the same time!

Have a lovely week,


Well this is me...!
Well this is me…hello!

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