Depression, Anxiety…and Sewing

Just a short post today – I have had a busy week, and my only “sewing achievement” of the week is to purchase some very pretty fabric…now to decide what to do with it…:


Therefore, I thought I would talk about the other reasons that I got into sewing. I have a family history of depression, anxiety and alcoholism. However, I do not believe that this, along with stress, is remotely uncommon in modern day Britain.

Equally, I would describe myself as generally very happy, balanced and easy going. I have a few dark days or moments where I feel the notorious ‘black dog’ of depression hovering, but I have been practising ways to prevent this since University exam days. In general, I prefer to keep myself busy and entertained as much as possible – for me, too much time spent alone can be destructive. My own relaxation methods are slightly loserish, but I really find that they help me to combat stress. They include: 

  • A cup of Earl Grey while watching Miss Marple
  • Listening to Classic FM and knitting while burning a lovely candle from The White Company
  • Cooking or baking as a project, rather than an everyday meal
  • Going for a run or a swim – I generally try to exercise frequently as this is well known for reducing tension
A red scarf in the making!
I like running – me at the end of the marathon!


However, my new addition to this list is definitely sewing. I find it an excellent way to take my mind off those niggling issues, and fully focus on learning this new skill. It is the perfect solitary activity for days when I do not have plans and need to rest and recuperate.

A little project I completed when I first started sewing and did not feel wonderful one day was a navy blue check tablecloth for my dining table. It is so simple to make something like this, and cheaper than purchasing it from a shop. I effectively just bought two metres of fabric, and hemmed the edges all in a couple of hours.  

Tablecloth in the making!

That’s all from me for today. Keep cheery as these nights draw in and try and get out in the daylight! I should probably caveat all this by saying that if your depression / anxiety / stress etc is really bad…please see your doctor…

Tablecloth in use! Sorry about the blurry pic…was more concerned about the brunch at this point!



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