Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my followers! I hope it is filled with sewing and is glorious for all of you.

I used to always make resolutions until one year when I clearly went completely crazy and decided to give up chocolate for an entire year. I succeeded (right down to the chocolate dust on cappuccinos) but at the end I just wondered why I put myself through all of that. Since then I have never given up anything or made any resolutions at New Year or for Lent.

However, I do like to set myself a few goals and I am hoping my friends and family will help me achieve this year’s goals like they did with last year’s.

2016 goals:

  • Draft a simple sewing pattern to help beginner sewers get into sewing
  • Continue with my blog
  • Learn new skills, including biased binding
  • Finish knitting a jumper I have started
  • Complete my first triathlon
  • Cycle the Prudential Ride London 100 miles
  • Visit a country I have not been to before
  • Continue improving my French (I gave up doing a great podcast for French during marathon training and never started again)
  • Re-join the tennis league (see previous excuse)
  • And finally…generally just continue having fun with all my friends and family!

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and happy 2016!




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