Sew yourself a scrunchie!

Happy Monday all.

I am most firmly back on English soil now and embracing the cold, crisp mornings. When I was on holiday and everyone else was back at work I began to suffer from my classic ‘work anxiety’, which is rather annoying. I assume it will be something I will always have to deal with. It made me think I should just quit and become a housewife on a farm somewhere remote! Anyway, when I got back to work, I remembered that I actually really like my job and had no idea why I had such anxiety!

To counteract the back to work blues, I decided to make myself a black velvet scrunchie to add to my work wardrobe. I am a big scrunchie fan…they take me back to my childhood of having a matching tartan one to go with my school uniform! I already have quite a large black velvet one, so I am going to make a slightly more ‘slim fit’ version to suit my hair better, as although my hair looks quite voluminous due to its waves and curls, it is actually incredibly thin (leading to my frizzy Nutty Professor hair, as Charlie calls it…).

This is an excellent beginner project and there is actually no need for a sewing machine (though this does speed up the process). I hope you all give it a go and let me see the results.

Step 1:

Firstly you need to choose your fabric and elastic. I bought my elastic in Tesco (desperate last resort), and it is slightly wider than I would have chosen if I had had more than one option. The fabric is left over from a previous project…just a little scrap will do perfectly!

Scrunchie - Equipment

Next you need to measure and cut. As I said, I wanted a mini scrunchie, so I cut the elastic to 12cm. I would suggest you cut it slightly longer depending on its stretch and the circumference you require. I cut the fabric to 30cm x 8cm. Again, increase the width if you want a fuller looking scrunchie.

Scrunchie - Measure Elastic

Step 2:

Now you must fold the fabric in half lenghways with the right sides facing (as per all our other projects). Then pin the open long side and sew these long sides together. I used a seam allowance of 0.5cm. I used my sewing machine for this (just the baby one!) in order to get a good finish, however, it is perfectly doable by hand.


Step 3:

Turn the tube the right way round by stuffing it through the hole. This can be slightly challenging!

Scrunchie - Turn fabric round

Step 4:

Attach a safety pin to the piece of elastic and feed it through the tube ensuring that you keep hold of the other end of the elastic. There will obviously be a lot more fabric than elastic in order to make it look like a scrunchie, therefore gather it round slowly and it should be fine.

Scrunchie - staple on elastic

Step 5:

Pin the elastic together overlapping by about 0.5cm. You must then hand sew this together using a box stitch to increase the strength. Essentially all you do is sew the edges of a little box over 0.5cm2 then put diagonal lines through the middle. Be careful not to sew the fabric to the elastic.

Scrunchie - Pin Elastic

Step 6:

Slightly tricky, but fold the edges of the material under and hand sew them together trying to hide the stitching within the seams.

Scrunchie - Sew gap

Step 7:

Puff out and even up and try on!

When you have made it, I would be delighted to see it, so please email me, instagram or Facebook it and use the hashtag: #sewingwithsweet. Also, please remember to sign up to follow my blog – hopefully I do not post too much to be annoying clutter in the inbox! Any feedback would also be much appreciated.

I hope your work or play is wonderful…your new scrunchie will put a spring in your step!



2 thoughts on “Sew yourself a scrunchie!

  1. Having a big bedroom sort out yesterday, in preparation for redecorating, I found four scrunchies that I made in exactly the same way back in the 80s. They are made of black velvet, silk tartan, pink silk and a Laura Ashley flowery cotton. Couldn’t bring myself to throw them away…


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