Susie Blouse

Now that we have ventured into May, I thought it might be time I told you about my March make, which I have been happily wearing to work for over a month now! At least I have tested its durability before blogging about it…

I am just home from work, sitting on the sofa with my laptop in hand, some crudités before me of celery and almond butter (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!) and my sister preparing the supper – dreamy!

The last couple of months have been busy with work during the day and general fun / life admin during all other times. This ‘wedmin’ is a complete bore – the hassle of co-ordinating the church, field, vicar etc was exceptionally stressful, but all sorted now. In fact, I felt very middle-aged at the weekend when I was at my parents’ house and bumped into the Vicar in Waitrose…anyway, moving on…a result of all of this has meant that I really haven’t been feeling on top of the world, which is very distressing when you are supposed to be feeling the best ever following the decision to marry the love of your life! (Sorry, I seem to overshare the negative news on this blog!)

Anyway, the sewing is definitely on track, and I am delighted that I have not bought ANY clothing yet this year – unless you count new ski goggles – (maybe this is contributing to my feelings of depression?!) and instead I have been making one thing a month. I do not have quite enough smart work clothing made yet to get involved in #MeMadeMay but perhaps next year.

SO…March’s make was the Sew Over It Susie Blouse. I thought I would take the opportunity to make something more Wintery, as I feel so many patterns and fabrics are geared towards Summer, and I wanted to make something I could wear to work while it is still Thick Black Tights Weather. I chose a lovely dotty black and white fabric that seems to be fairly synonymous with my work image…the girls at work laugh about my little uniform, and even started calling one of the others my name when she wore a black skirt and a black and white shirt to work!

The finished blouse

The shirt is of fairly basic construction and was not at all hard to make – no pesky zips or fastenings, just one that you slip over your head – ideal! My errors in this pattern lay with my choice of fabric (from John Lewis, if of interest), or at least my inexperience with this fabric. I would describe it as crepe – i.e. it doesn’t really lie flat but a little crickly, and had the tendency to stretch somewhat. The collar was a complete nightmare for me! When I sewed it, the piece I was sewing stretched entirely and I ended up with the facing being about 6 inches too long and the front piece of the collar stretched out of shape. It is fine to wear, but I had to make a few adjustments as it made the collar to short, such as cutting a small hole in the back (not visible when wearing) and also a hell of a lot of ironing and pressing to try and stretch it! Not ideal!! My solution going forwards was to do what I gathered you are NOT supposed to do and keep my pins in and sew over them. Any advice would be much appreciated!

The rest of the shirt was fairly easy – there were places where the fabric had become a slightly different length either due to stretching or some mis-alignment, but it was all redeemable and not obvious. I am pleased with this make in general, but not necessarily in a hurry to make it again.

Attempting a close up and different lighting

Anyway, supper is almost ready, so my time is up…apparently asparagus to start (I would highly recommend having a sister to live with you!)…and some TV time I think, though I am not sure how any TV can beat Line of Duty which ended on Sunday – brilliant and definitely worth a watch.

A quick question for you sewers out there – can anyone recommend me an Overlocker to buy please? I feel it is time I moved on and made everything that slight bit more professional.

I will post my April make shortly (finished at the weekend), but in the meantime, I am going to start a new Instagram detailing purely my sewing adventures (to save my friends the boredom of my sewing, and my sewing followers the boredom of the rest of my life), so please follow me @sewingwithsweet.

Thanks for reading – I always appreciate your emails and comments!


Full length view

4 thoughts on “Susie Blouse

  1. It looks really lovely…!
    I wonder if fine iron-on interfacing pressed to the fabric of the collar before cutting out would prevent it stretching and pulling out of shape? It doesn’t show though. Lx


  2. Love your Susie blouse ! I am about to cut my fabric for mine.
    I bought a Lidl Singer overlocker a year ago as I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use one – started off slowly as terrified of it ! Had a few problems threading it which is not unusual with any overlocker but now use it all the time and wouldn’t be without it. It does the job well and likes to be oiled often.


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