Sew many makes, sew little time…

Sewing with Sweet has had serious writer’s block (read: been feeling rather lazy) and so is finally returning to writing! I have been keeping up the sewing and enjoying the projects, though…I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon just yet! I am still to choose something to sew in July, but have a couple of free Sundays on the approach, so hopefully time to squeeze in a quick make. I’m also still on the hunt for a nice stripey cotton for the shirt pattern I received at Christmas.

When I started thinking of ideas for my theme to this post, I was feeling completely hung-up on the idea of judgement. I had had a few weeks where I was lacking confidence or, indeed, feeling angry from people judging me in different ways – from friends to work. However, it made me stop and think how other people must feel this, too. Judgement comes to me in all angles, and I know I need to grow a thicker skin and brush it off. One of my father’s favourite phrases from when I was a wee lass was “like water off a duck’s back”, which was what he used to describe ‘insults’ (these were chiefly my mother telling him off for one thing or another!). I know I need to be less sensitive, but surely this partly makes me who I am. I find people have a tendency to make swift and sweeping assumptions of others. My hang-ups are that I’m either a girl in a man’s world; too posh; not posh enough; extremely wealthy; too poor; too fat; not cool enough; the list goes on and I dare say you have already decided which you think I am from the above list. The consequences are that I don’t particularly like letting people into the intricacies of my life, but would rather leave it vague. At this time I remind myself that the people who truly know you and love you, don’t judge and know the battles we face every day. These people and these battles make you who you are.

Anyway…onto the projects! I am going to write about my April, May and June makes in this post.

My April make is the fab Bettine dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I LOVE the style of this dress and the ease of make, but I seemed to have such a nightmare with it! My sewing machine struggled with the fabric and I had to unpick about three different sections. When I finally finished it, I was delighted, until I realised that the size 10 seems to be a touch tight on me. This is devastating, as it potentially means I have gained weight on my derriere (damn all those squats at the gym!) or sewed it incorrectly. The dress is so super in every aspect, but caused me a lot of stress and is only wearable on a ‘thin’ day. I might give this pattern another go, though, as when the sewing machine was kind to me, it was exceedingly speedy to whip up.IMG_6035My May make was the fab new pattern, Lulu, from Sew Over It. I absolutely love every pattern Lisa Comfort designs. I made this in a denim, as denim dresses are fairly on-trend and perfect for those late Spring / early Summer days where you want a long sleeve but bare legs number. This is such an easy make, so completely fabulous for a new sewer – no complicated zips etc, BUT very unfitted. It will be wonderful for a maternity dress. I am fairly convinced I could wear this to term of a pregnancy…not so great when you are not remotely pregnant and it’s purely the lasagne… I’m a fan of the dress, but I’m unlikely to make another in the near future, purely because a more fitted top half suits me far better. It did go down well on Sew Over It’s Instagram, though! I was obviously ecstatic!


My June make is my favourite! I commented on my Instagram that I think it was technically perfect, which is rare for me! No unpicking involved! It is the Ultimate Shift Dress (again from Sew Over It) made in ‘Digital Paradise’. I was obsessed with the fabric, and realise I have a virtually identical ready to wear dress in my wardrobe – I am such a creature of habit! The dress is such a quick sew – it involves darts in the front, and a simple hook and eye fastening at the back. I decided to add the frilled sleeves, purely because I adore frills and girly additions, but I can imagine it would be lovely without them as well. I had planned on wearing this dress to the wedding I’m attending on Saturday, but having now made it, I’m not convinced it is of a thick enough and sturdy enough fabric. I think I shall make a few more of these for work dresses, as it is a very versatile pattern that will work in a full range of fabrics.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. As mentioned, I am attending the wedding of a childhood friend in Dorset, to which I will likely wear the Peplum dress I made last year!

On a final note, I would adore any new subscribers…just add your email address in the little box…as well as new followers to my dedicated sewing Instagram account @sewingwithsweet. Thanks to all my regular followers- I’m extremely grateful to you for reading my ramblings!



One thought on “Sew many makes, sew little time…

  1. Absolutely adore this post and these 3 dresses, Laur. I love the shift dress and also the denim one, but the first is also fantastic and definitely doesn’t look too tight! Also enjoyed your musings at the top, I think we all feel like that sometimes. Also, I think this is one of the reasons that you are so kind and caring to other people! Well done on the sewing again and keep up the great work and lovely blog xxxxxx


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