Dunga-Dress Cool.

I can’t start without saying a huge thank you. I was entirely bowled over my the lovely messages and comments I received following my last post – it touched my heart and I truly know that I have the most wonderful set of friends. It also sounded like I am not alone, with a number of you saying you had felt similar. So reassuring!

I have to day, I am very proud about actually posting in the month of my make! I don’t like to repeat a pattern, as I don’t sew much so I prefer to challenge myself with new ideas…however, July was rattling by with very few spare hours, so I decided it was a must! The Cleo dungaree dress from Tilly and the Buttons is such a good pattern, and I decided that a summer version would be perfect. I chose a Robert Kaufman denim, which is not in my ‘preferred shade’ of denim, but honestly, the selections in shops and online are really poor. I have been thinking about making this for a while and never found anything that would suit. Anyway, I decided to go ahead, nonetheless.

The second time of making something from the same pattern definitely speeds up the process. Quite aside from not having to cut out all the paper pattern pieces, you just know what is meant by all the instructions and have a general memory of how it was done previously. The entire process probably took me about 5 hours, which I think it fairly good. Technically, I think these are well-made. On my previous post about the Cleo dungaree dress I wrote how easy the pattern is; it really is a perfect beginner pattern. I made a couple of changes from last time – I decided to have two front hip pockets rather than one top pocket, but I decided this after putting two back pockets on, so potentially a little overkill, and I also lengthened it slightly for my height so that it is possible to wear with bare legs. I tried to use a contrasting silvery thread, but sadly, you really cannot tell that I have! I like what I have made, but perhaps it is the denim that is making me not 100% happy with them. We shall see – I will wear them a few times and see how I get on.

The hip pockets

Another reason for this make is because Charlie and I are off to Wilderness Festival next weekend and I thought I might want to look a little ‘trendier’! As you may gather, I’m not a huge festival attendee…I can’t say I’m mad about camping when you are also trying to look nice, and I’m not overly into music, so I have never really seen the point. However, Wilderness is also known for the food and other activities like yoga, wild swimming etc, which all suit me slightly more! I hope Charlie feels the same way…I may have rather dragged him along to this! Luckily, my wonderful Godparents are having us to stay for the weekend, so it should be a very relaxing and enjoyable anyway!

Despite the fact I am forcing us to attend a festival next weekend, I feel like I am finally at that point in life where you begin to accept the person you are and start to lose the worry of trying to be a person you are not. I know I am never going to be the ultimate cool kid wanting to go clubbing all the time and, indeed, attending lots of festivals and gigs, and I never have been. I don’t like going clubbing and to bars but would far rather see friends for a relaxed drink or just have people over for supper at my flat. Equally, I know I am not a London person. Both Charlie and I are finding Brixton more and more busy / noisy / full of youngsters and are thinking that it won’t be too long before we move out of London. As I approach the end of my twenties, I finally feel one is allowed to say that London isn’t for them, and the countryside and a small village with a dog is far more me, despite the fact I have felt this since day one of living here! The same applies to so many elements of my life…hopefully I can finally embrace everything that isn’t cool…!

Meanwhile, for this week only, you shall find me in my dungaree dress as a festival attendee!

The finished dress (and awkward / red face from a run)!

Happy Sunday all,

LS x


2 thoughts on “Dunga-Dress Cool.

  1. hi 🙂 I stumbled upon your entry as I saw the picture on Pinterest and I have to say I absolutely love how your dungaree turned out! such a great cut! I hope (as this comment is a bit late) that you started to love it, too! Greetings 🙂


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