2017 Roundup and a forward look to 2018!

Hello one and all!

I am writing this cramped in one corner amidst the chaos of my flat, which needs to be tidied before our New Year’s Eve party tonight – a dinner party for 10, with some of my oldest and closest pals, which will hopefully be lovely! However, before I begin the tidying, I wanted to spend half an hour reviewing 2017 and thinking of my goals and aims for the coming year. I thought the best way to do that would be to begin with my post last year (link here) in which I detailed my goals for 2017. Interestingly, I noticed that I only vaguely shared my goals with you, and the note on my phone with the actual ones is considerably larger!

2017 has been fabulous. I think this is a lovely time of life; it is a time in which the teenage angst of fitting is beginning to fall away, while any responsibility of children / decrepit parents is minimal. Income is also largely disposable and less pressured than in years to come, meaning that travel, hobbies and little luxuries have been available to me. I do appreciate that I am in a very privileged position, and there are many people for whom this is not available.

2017 has been very special to me. My best friend in the whole world asked me to become his wife at the beginning of the year. I am so excited for next year when our wedding will take place – there are times when I look at him and wonder how I managed to trick him into choosing little old me to marry! I have had some wonderful holidays with friends and family, including skiing, a trip to France, India, Venice etc – it has been fab.


SO now onto my 2017 goals and whether I achieved them!

  1. Sewing: I wanted to sew 12 items of clothing and only buy 12 items from the shops. I am very proud of the 10 items I sewed, but time and tide waits for no man, and some months just ran away. The downfall of this pressured sewing was that I ended up often just opting for the easiest pattern I could in order to make something in a month rather than trying out the patterns I have on my list, which I know will be more complex. I still struggle with invisible zips, so no achievement there! Buying only 12 items from the shops also taught me that sometimes you need a little pick-me-up, and for me, buying something can do just that. Yes, that is very shallow of me, I do appreciate that!! I am still very careful not to buy too much, and I certainly didn’t go wild over the year, but I did buy more than 12 items.
  2. Blog: I was determined to continue with the blog and up my following, which I have done. I definitely don’t post as much as I would like, but see above…time and tide…
  3. Exercise: Keep up yoga and start spinning – both of these have been achieved and make me very happy! Albeit, I am embarrassed to say, I haven’t actually been on my road bike outside all year!!
  4. Charity: I became a board member of a school in Lambeth this year. It is currently bottom of the league tables. It is a lot more work than I probably assumed it would be, but if I can make a difference in some way, then I will be very happy (side note: is charity every altruistic?…I don’t think so!).
  5. Some stupid resolution about Dry January: obviously failed epically!

Looking forward to 2018, I have so much excitement ahead to include the wedding, holidays and just generally being a 20something in London, which is one of the greatest cities in the world. If I can stay being mostly happy for the year, I will be delighted. However, here are my 2018 aims and goals:

  1. Sewing: I do not want to commit to a number of projects, but plan to challenge myself. I have a very exciting project for 2018, which may fall apart (hopefully not literally), but I will share more later, as well as some really interesting patterns to try that may take me a few weeks of weekend days and evenings. These include: a shirt pattern from my Christmas gifts last year, a coat and a jacket. We shall see. I may also add in invisible zip challenges again. AAH.
  2. Blog: Continue with the blog and increase the followers!
  3. Exercise: Continue with running, yoga, spinning (blah, blah, blah), BUT the main aim here is to get out on my road bike!! All of my road bikey friends, I am planning some sportives – please can you be in touch with me for some cycling?!
  4. Charity: My sister and I are involved with Alzheimers Research UK for our father who has Frontotemporal Dementia. As I have previously mentioned, it is a huge strain on our family, quite aside from the fact it can be hereditary. Our aim is to become much more involved with the charity this year. More details to follow…
  5. Environmental: USE LESS PLASTIC. And eat less meat. I would already consider myself fairly good at both of those, but important to cement the thoughts.
  6. Self-care: I’m not going to commit to meditation, because realistically, I’m going to do that. BUT – it’s the year of my wedding, everyone keeps assuming I’m going to get stressed about this (I have no idea why – it is just a large party with a church at the start, no?!), but consequently, I want to force myself to relax, PAY for massages, which is something I would normally deem not a worthy way to spend my hard earned cash, look after my skin and say no if I know it will be detrimental to me (side note: I just finished reading “The Life Changing Magic of not giving a f***” by Sarah Knight. A great book with obvious principles, but sometimes you just need these reinforced!).
  7. Education: Last year I did a French course. It was great, but felt like going to school and I felt VERY naughty when I hadn’t done my homework each week – I am sure you can imagine, I was a goody-two-shoes at school. This year, I’m thinking about doing the WSTET wine tasting exams. More up my street?! I’ll also continue with coding and basic Italian (I seem to pick up a new Italian cousin / cousin-in-law each year, so I am thinking it may be more useful than French right now!).

It has tired me just writing this list…and probably bored you to tears. If not, please can you kindly subscribe to my blog, and, as usual, it will be a mix of sewing and general ramblings, so hopefully not too boring for people’s individual interests either way. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you one and all – you are all glorious!

LOTS of love and peace to you all for next year!






2 thoughts on “2017 Roundup and a forward look to 2018!

  1. Excellent goals – I have one more for you though, to be a bridesmaid for Sar in September (don’t think you’ll have to work too hard to achieve that one though)!! Love you xxxx

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