Waste not, want not!

Now a sewing blog is all very well, but sometimes I need to encourage readership from other parties, and frankly, just reading about how a dress is constructed can be rather dull after a while! Therefore, today’s post is not announcing a new item of clothing but tackling a different issue which is very much on the national agenda at present. I would note that I have actually been sewing quite a lot recently, but I am working on a secret project, so nothing to be let out of the bag right now…it will all be revealed shortly!

I have spoken on the blog before about my concerns surrounding the environment, in particular, those relating to waste and pollution. I have spent a fair amount of time questioning whether making myself lots of additional and (unnecessary) clothes is actually a bit frivolous and wasteful. However, I have come to the conclusion that I need to be clothed and shod and I don’t make that many items per year, so I don’t think my impact can be that bad. I am also not a believer in fast fashion and have a tendency to spend more on a timeless / more classical garment than popping into the household fashion names once a week. I have been really thinking about my own use and am at least trying to be a more conscious consumer this year when it comes to all aspects of my life.

2018 is going to be the year that the country wakes up to the realisation of the damage our plastic waste is causing. Blue Planet II provided a suitable shock, and Theresa May has acted on this with the Government’s plan to reduce plastic bag usage. The stat about plastic bag usage falling by 83% since the introduction of the 5p charge on a carrier bag is staggering! I also read a delightful article in the Guardian this week about Penzance being plastic-free – how brilliant!

However, putting these things into practice is another mission entirely. I tried going supermarket shopping the other day with a plan to buy no single use plastics- it is IMPOSSIBLE. I’m perfectly happy to have my onions rolling around my shopping basket (and then my handbag, where I end up finding the papery peel of the shedded skin a few days later), but any forms of cauliflower, salad, tomatoes, mushrooms, all seem to come shrouded in plastic. Truth be told, I need to just become more organised and go to the market / plan my meals in advance. This just doesn’t seem to be part of ‘life’ anymore as we live in these ‘busier and more stressful’ times.

I was delighted when a colleague made a good discovery the other day – Odd Box. I decided to order one. It is a veg box of wonky / excess veg that supermarkets won’t take that is then delivered to your door every week. Sadly I decided not to continue with it, chiefly because the cost is fairly prohibitive (as all veg boxes are), but more to the point, Charlie commented on the unenvironmentally-friendly nature of the van driver chugging away in his diesel vehicle to bring me my veg because I can’t be bothered to walk the 2 minutes to Tesco…

Which moves timely onto food waste…I am a terrible culprit with food waste and need to focus on that this year. I hate the cliché of being a classic millennial, but I am one of these peeps who buys e.g. a salad bag, uses half then spends the next few nights out and realises the salad has gone off. Does anyone have any tips to help me here?! I do generally make bulk meals that I can then freeze, but salad bags and fruit are real challenges for me.

My final rant on this very miserable post for a Friday afternoon is air quality. Just don’t get me STARTED on air pollution. It is one of the main reasons I want to move out of London – I would be concerned about bringing up a tiny human on the road I live on now due to the appalling levels of nitrogen dioxide (I do live by one of the worst roads in London, before you worry too much). I’m such a chicken so I keep failing, but I am planning to go up to drivers in their cars and tell them to stop idling. It’s such an easy way to reduce air pollution, but for some reason it is seems so many people are happy to sit there in their cars chucking out disgusting diesel fumes. Now, there is no way I can describe myself as perfect. I drive a car, and not a super efficient, brand new one either and I go on holiday by plane a few times a year, but I do try and consider ways I could travel that are more environmentally friendly. It’s such a shame that train travel is so expensive- as that is by far the best mode of transport-, and travelling by bike in London is very dangerous! Any solutions?!

Right. I’ve actually had enough of depressing myself about the state of our planet. I think this needs to return to a sewing blog ASAP! Next project for you all is a skirt for a wedding in February. It is involves me altering a pattern, which is definitely a challenge, but I think I am now capable of taking it on!

I had no good photos of waste and pollution, and frankly, they looked even more depressing – so I decided to use the accompanying picture to the featured image here: middle-aged here I come – a walk with a coffee in a flask in my backpack. LOVING life!

Have a lovely weekend – mine will be spent celebrating my birthday!



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