Hi, I’m Laura. I am a 28 year old living in Brixton, South West London, with my boyfriend and working as a Chartered Surveyor in the West End.

I love sewing, hence my blog, but I can also be found running, baking, cycling, doing yoga and generally enjoying life with my friends. I love science, dogs and spending as much time as possible outside and in the country!

An insight to my life can be seen by following me on my Instagram page: @laurasweet


I started this blog as a way to document all the different pieces I have sewed since I started in about 2015. However, I also hope that it can inspire other people to take part in their own sewing journey – and as I always say – if I can do it, so can anyone!

As with everything in life…balance is important…I do not sew all the time, but use it to really relax myself when that is required, or to fill a cold or rainy weekend when I do not feel like spending the whole time outside racing around. Everyone needs a little time to themselves occasionally!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this – I really appreciate it, and hope you will continue to read my posts as I write them – you can follow the blog for email updates when I post. I love hearing from readers, old friends, PR and potential opportunities, so please feel free to email me to get in touch: lauraasweet[at]gmail.com

LS x


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